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Rachel Foster


Learoyd Road
Canford Heath
BH17 8PJ

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Disco Mad Classes


Medallist Freestyle Class

For exams, displays and fun!!

For children age 3 upwards.

Girl Holding RosettesExams - Although not compulsory we do encourage pupils to take examinations when we feel they are ready. Examination’s give pupils a sense of purpose and encourages them to achieve to a higher level. Exams enable parents to monitor progress and achievement, and offer peace of mind that your child is following a tried and tested method of training. We currently have a 100% pass rate in all exams taken. With many pupils achieving the highest marks possible. We are rightly proud of our exam record, which reflects the high standard of our training. Pupils who successfully pass their exams are rewarded with a series of certificates, medals and trophies which can be displayed at home for years to come.

Competitive Freestyle Class

Disco Dancers in copetition uniformsThis class is by invitation only. Pupils in this class will be given the opportunity to enter into dance competitions, competing against dancers from other schools. This class requires extra commitment from pupils and parents. Competitions are great fun and give children extra opportunities to perform. All children attending one of these classes must also attend the relevant medallist class for their age group.


Attendance Awards

Two Female Disco Dancers

All pupils are rewarded at the end of each lesson attended, with a sticker. Each child is given an attendance sticker book when they first join. Once the book is filled with 52 stickers, your child will receive a medal. This is a great way to end each lesson. The children can’t wait to get their sticker books filled up!!!!